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Wobbly Dobbly Puzzle Co. is a woman-owned company that was born from the desires of co-founders Sophia Kabalan and Natalie Sala to turn their love of illustration and puzzle-making into a business that could help others unplug and reconnect with the people that matter most in their lives. 


Our classic cut puzzles feature Sophia’s whimsical illustrations and have high-quality semi-gloss pieces that challenge you to keep searching for the perfect fit. We are excited to share them with you and hope you enjoy building them as much as we do!

About The Artist:

Sophia Kabalan is an illustrator and designer based in Upstate New York and the co-founder of Wobbly Dobbly Puzzle Company. She is deeply inspired by vintage children’s books and Parisian illustration styles. She enjoys bringing whimsy and humor into everyday scenes and has a particular affinity for personifying animals. Her style ranges from simple doodles of cats with martini glasses to complex, pattern-filled scenes. As an avid puzzler herself, Sophia always dreamed of creating a range of puzzles featuring her own artwork and is thrilled to see this dream realized.

Nana tested, and Nana approved: 

Natalie acquired her love of tea and puzzles from her beloved grandmother “Nana.” It was important to get her seal of approval on the puzzle designs and product quality, as she averages completing one puzzle a week! Nana has helped us vet the sample puzzles from various companies assisting us in ruling out puzzles with too much dust, poor quality, and lousy puzzle snaps. With that being said, we can safely say that it’s the type of puzzle we would gift our grandmother, and that’s no easy task!


As longtime friends, cousins via marriage, and previously roommates in Brooklyn, NY, Sophia and Natalie have spent a lot of time together. A large portion of that time was spent in what they jokingly called “couch therapy,” where they would sit with glasses of wine on the couch and work through whatever was on their minds— all while building a puzzle. A recurring theme for Sophia was wanting to do more with her passion for illustration and to create more art, and Natalie dreamt of building something of her own that could help people. 
Natalie grew up building jigsaw puzzles with her grandmother and still enjoys the cozy, companionable act of reconstructing the image and spending quality time with her today. Throughout the years, puzzling has served as a relaxing outlet for their extended family and a low-pressure way for everyone to enjoy time together without needing to make plans or coordinate schedules. The puzzle table is out, and you can come and go as you please. 
About two years ago, Sophia was asked by Natalie to produce a puzzle with one of her illustrations as a birthday gift.. So when the day came, Natalie was delighted to receive the original “A Sunny Sunday” puzzle. As a professional graphic designer, Sophia had beautifully branded the box. She had jokingly given them a company name consisting of their nicknames for each other “Wobbly Dobbly Puzzle Co.” (Sophia being Wobbly, and Natalie, Dobbly) . What started as a playful birthday gift, sparked a business idea in their heads that they knew they had to act on. 
Over the past two years, they’ve worked together to build their women and artist-owned small business inspired by building connections and having the courage to take a chance on your dreams. They are excited to grow their small (but mighty) business and create a brand that supports collaboration, passion, and community.
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